This is the fight that we must stop.

There is a debate that has been taking place for hundreds of years, it is a debate many have ignored, whether they are Theists who ignore scientific evidence or Atheists who ignore religion as a result of scientific evidence. I believe that religion can work in harmony with science, science telling us what has happened, and religion telling us why this has happened.

I hope to examine the major areas where theism and science apear to conflict (specifically evolution,), why these dificulties have come about, and how they can be resolved.

I hasten to add that these dificulties are not always present. If you look at Joseph Priestley (18th Centuary Scientist and Priest) you can see just how both Science and Relicion can work together. Many theists today dont have much of a problem with science and are willing to accept theories such as evolution as a great act of God.

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